Search for the next Pope: Cardinal Timothy Dolan makes headlines in Rome

Posted at 9:48 AM, Mar 11, 2013
and last updated 2013-03-11 12:10:19-04

On Sunday, we saw the Timothy Cardinal Dolan we all know and love as he said a paced mass at Our Lady of Guadalupe church on the outskirts of Rome.

He arrived in a minivan to the cheers of Americans and Italians, some who yelled ” Pope Dolan.”

The monsignor of Our Lady of Guadalupe said ” Viva la Americano” when asked what he thought of an American Pope.

Sundays mass was the first we heard Dolan speak since last week when the Cardinals were put on a gag order after fears of leaks from their meeting spread to Italian papers.     Dolan, who has won the hears of many Italians, cracked jokes during his homily at mass.

“I told them we should start two collections here, like we do in New York.”

Since Cardinal Dolan arrived there have been a dozen or so meetings between the cardinals who will vote for the next Pope.  However, after mass, Dolan would not say much about what was discussed behind closed doors, only acknowledging the deep thought and prayer that is going into this decision.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, the voting cardinals will move into St. Martha’s Square in the walls of the Vatican.  It is a simple hotel that is meant for prayer and reflection.   Twenty-six of the senior cardinals will stay in single rooms, while the others will double up.   It is from this residence they will leave from everyday when the head to the Sistine Chapel to cast their ballots.

Monsignor Irwin from Yonkers, New York says the Cardinals will be cut off from the outside world and will not be allowed to use their cell phones.