Family of hit and run victim Andrew Quinn heartbroken over loss of youngest son

Posted at 8:30 PM, Mar 10, 2013
and last updated 2013-03-11 10:40:19-04

Devastating when 3 police officers show up at your door and tell you your son was hit by a car and didn’t survive.

The youngest of Linda and Jack Quinn’s four children left to die in a crosswalk on the West Side Highway

A driver ran him down at West 23rd street and kept going.

The victim’s father, Jack Quinn is torn apart, “My heart is broken.  I can’t even process this. It’s so traumatic.”

22-year-old Andrew Quinn was struck in the southbound lane around three Saturday morning.

He was on his way to his downtown apartment after a night out.

His parents can’t comprehend the irresponsibility of the person who took their sons life.

“Things happen all the time in life. You stop and take responsibility. You get there; give him the help he needed.  And this person just took off and that’s unforgivable.”

Four people did stop to try and help Andrew, one who gave him mouth to mouth resuscitation but he was unresponsive.

Andrew’s mother is grateful for them, “My son died but he wasn’t alone, which I am very grateful for.”

A short life packed with so many accomplishments.

He was the president of his senior class at Parsippany High School, who squeezed in time as a volunteer firefighter and went on to the Ivy League.

He graduated Cornell and landed a job as a real estate analyst with Tishman Hotel and Realty.

His mother recalls her son’s passions, “He loved his life.  He spent his time with his friends on the weekend with his family and his brother, they would go skiing.  Skiing was his passion.”

Police do not have a description of the car, and so comes this plea from the victims grieving father.

“I ask the public if they see a car that’s damaged in a way that it looked like the result of human impact, call the authorities.”

Andrew would have been celebrating his 23rd birthday on March 22nd.

“My son Andrew was a parents dream.  Couldn’t ask for anything more.”