Fire Island residents brace for 2nd round of messy storm

Posted at 11:04 PM, Mar 07, 2013
and last updated 2013-03-07 23:04:59-05

(FIRE ISLAND) – In a few months it will be a playground.  On Thursday parts of it resembled a swamp.

Residents on Fire Island have been monitoring the radars carefully over the last 48 hours and so far they are seeing mixed results.
“The weather is not an exact science, computer models don’t agree.  You know the best thing sometimes is to stick your head out the window and see what’s going on, ‘” said longtime Kismet resident Jay Lippert.  When asked about his reaction when he stuck his head out in the morning?  “I was happy.”

Lippert wasn’t the only year-round resident with a smile.  Sam Wood a volunteer firefighter for Kismet was in good spirits.  The overnight hours were not as event-filled as expected.  Wood, told PIX 11 News, that he felt like he dodged a bullet. “Definitely, we’ve been working on dune project for the last month and at high tide today the dune was still in tact.”

While residents in Kismet were satisfied with Wednesday nights results, it was a different story in the Village of Ocean Beach where the village has been underwater for most of the day.  Pilings that were recently replaced at the ferry terminal were gone once again.  Victims of the surge.   A few hours before the late afternoon round of high tide, some areas had more than 15 inches of water.

One Village worker saying, “Have a good one, stay dry,” as they rolled through the quagmire along Midway.  Along some of the famed walks in Ocean Beach the only way to truly navigate the water was in a vehicle.

It’s not the site that many want to see since there was some progress from Sandy erased overnight.  Yet Village justice clerk Annie Robinson  doesn’t believe it will have an impact on the highly profitable tourism season, which is only months away, “You know I don’t think so.  I’ve been on Fire Island my whole life and everybody’s pretty hearty and they love the beach and come summer you won’t know any of this happened.”