Twitter reaction, trends are misleading and never accurate: study

Posted at 4:15 PM, Mar 05, 2013
and last updated 2013-03-05 16:15:33-05

If you get most of your news from Twitter, you’re probably not getting the full story or as a new study suggests — what’s trending may be just “trending” on one side.

According to a year-long study from Pew Research Center, when dealing with political issues the Twitter-universe tends to lean to the left.

Pew’s study zeroed in on eight major events from the past year – including the first presidential debate and President Barack Obama’s 2nd term re-election – and results between tweets and actual scientific polling differed significantly.

For example, take Obama’s re-election. It was received with much fanfare on Twitter with a whopping 77 percent of tweets praising Obama’s 2nd term victory.

This, while only 23 percent shared negative views.

When you look at the legitimate “scientific” polling, only 52% were happy with the re-election – a far cry from the commanding 77 percent Twitter whisked up. Actual polling also showed a more balanced 45 percent to be unhappy with the election.

With all this considered, the Pews study also points out that the Twitter arena is overrun by a much younger demographic who tweet and get their news more regularly on Twitter than the general public.

The statistic also explains why Justin Bieber and his hi-jinx trend every other hour. Consider that mystery, solved.