Lawsuit alleges prostitution, increasing violence at NYC schools

Posted at 10:35 AM, Mar 05, 2013
and last updated 2013-03-05 10:41:38-05

Girls having sex in schools for a $1, 2nd graders with guns — It’s all in a new bombshell lawsuit that claims it’s all going on not on the streets of the city but inside our schools.

One agent testified that at Dewitt Clinton High School they’ve confiscated a locker full of weapons including a butcher knife and a bat.  Outside of the school students reacted to the lawsuit.

“I haven’t seen any but I have heard about it.  That people will put stuff in their socks.”  PIX11 News asked another student if she has seen any weapons inside and she told us “I haven’t ever seen any and I’m senior.”

At Clinton students all enter through one doorway and must pass through metal detectors that students say are so sensitive they pick up Bobbi pins in their hair.

However, according to the $35 million lawsuit filed in an attempt to get pay parity for School Safety Agents, they are facing tough odds each and every day they report for work. They say they don’t make enough, are under prepared and they should have bullet proof vests.

An attorney representing the safety agents union says with all the guns, knives and other weapons brought into schools it is like the Newtown Connecticut shooting. where 20 students were massacred, in slow motion everyday.

The class action lawsuit paints an ugly picture of an unsafe environment including a situation where at Junior High School 190 in Queens a girl allegedly was compelled by gang members to have sex with 17 boys sometimes at the school and is now under control of the bloods.

The school system declined to comment of the lawsuit but they say crime is down in schools.