The latest in-style colors from the Coterie fashion tradeshow

Posted at 9:16 PM, Mar 04, 2013
and last updated 2013-03-04 21:16:57-05

Manhattan, NY – When it comes to fashion, color can fall out of style pretty quickly.  So we went to the fashion Coterie trade show to get the inside track on the latest color trend!

Style expert Max McCormack with Seventh House Public Relations said, “The big trend we are seeing at Coterie is jewel tones, across accessories, handbags, shoes, of course jewelry.  It’s all about emeralds.  It’s all about purples.”

In jewelry, Erickson Beamon has a plethora of new pieces, from necklaces to bracelets to  earrings – all decked out in emerald and purple jewels.  The designers also introduced jeweled neckties for women to wear like necklaces, as featured in the Anna Sui runway show during New York Fashion Week.

“You really want to pair a statement necklace like that with something simple, maybe something neutral that you can really focus on the necklace,” said McCormack.

Shoes are also in jewel tones, like purple and emerald.  Designer Kate Spade displayed a plethora at the show.  “Again, you want to pair with, again, something neutral,  let the shoes do the talking!”

The trade show also featured two trends colliding, like leather dresses in green and purple in the Torn collection by Ronny Kobo.

Accessories are keeping with the jewel tone trend too, from belts to purses to head pieces.  “It does have this little art deco, 20’s feel to it, which is very fun.  You can play it with big hair on the bottom or very slicked down,” said McCormack.