Going meatless the right way

Posted at 11:26 AM, Mar 04, 2013
and last updated 2013-03-04 11:39:56-05

Don’t throw away that New Year’s resolution just yet…Kick off National Nutrition Month in March, and keep on track with your nutrition and health needs with tips and tricks from Ashley Koff, R.D., qualitarian and California state ambassador for First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign.  This morning she talked to Dr. Steve about going meatless and how to do it right.

We all hear about “Meatless Mondays” and the health value of Plant-based diets but it can be a struggle to find great tasting options and also to know how to get the nutrients you need.  Dietitian Ashley Koff RD – is here to help us “meat” halfway with plant-based eating ideas that the family will love:

Ashley says the keys to proper plant-based nutrition are a) nutrient balance – often people end up with too many carbs at one time when they remove animal proteins from their diet and are worried about getting enough plant protein b) actually eating plants – ie vegetables – many people say they are “vegetarians” but aren’t actually eating veggies c) it’s got to taste as good – though it will be different – as what you are replacing (don’t think un-chicken sandwich …but rather wow, my plant sandwich tastes great)

– Breakfast: whip up a power plant smoothie and instead of whey or egg protein use hemp hearts or hemp protein powder – you get your protein needs met but Plant bonus – you also get essential fatty acids including omega 3s & GLA a hard to get – Ashley will have ingredients which include fruits/veggies & Manitoba Harvest hemp hearts or Hemp Pro 70

– Don’t want to drink your breakfast? – Try these other fast & delicious breakfast options: Nature’s Path Qi’a cereal or Chia waffle with nut butter on top

– Lunch: Switch to a veggie burger with Daiya cheese, grilled onions & mushrooms over a bed of greens – remember since your “burger” is now a carb, skip the bun … you can still have a piece of chocolate for dessert though (Ashley will have finished product & Daiya cheese package)

– Snack: Popcorn Trial Mix- fiber-rich, and you get lots of pieces…want bonus points, pair it with a Greens juice…Ashley can demo making the recipe or have it ready made in a bowl & show proper portion (Fit Popcorn w/ dried fruit, coconut shreds, hemp seeds, nuts, etc) 

– Dinner: Tacos, Taco Salad, Quesadillas: everyone can have it their way when you provide the great quality ingredients that they can assemble _ Ashley will have an array of ingredients out & show the finished products – these include  Wildwood taco soy crumble, Daiya dairy free cheese, avocado, beans, tortilla, Wildwood salsa, lettuce

Whether you are eating only plants or trying out one meatless meal a week, we all can use a safety net to make sure we are getting the nutrients in that our bodies need everyday and that’s why Ashley always recommends a quality multivitamin / mineral – Ashley will show a vegetarian one (New Chapter) & also show Enzymedica Digest Gold saying – if transitioning to more plant-based meals creates any digestive issues at first, Ashley recommends this as well.