Inmate sneaks back into jail; has long history of fooling police

Posted at 6:41 PM, Mar 03, 2013
and last updated 2013-03-04 15:38:24-05

PIX11– Before his arrest Friday night, Matthew Matagrano, a convicted Level 3 sex offender and seasoned impersonator, always seemed to be one step ahead of law enforcement.

When Police came to arrest him at this 2nd floor Yonkers apartment Friday night, for breaching security at Rikers Island Jail, a neighbor tells Pix11’s the arresting officers had no clue Matagrano had already moved out  last month.

Matagrano made no secret of his plans announcing the move on his Facebook page.

But that seems to be the way he rolled hiding in plain sight.

Matagrano’s already been convicted for impersonating a New York City Department of Education official and was convicted in the 1990s of raping a teenage boy.

But prosecutors say Matagrano, posing as a Correction investigator, successfully snuck his way into secure facilities.

He also sneaked into the Robert N. Davoren Detention Center on Riker Island, which houses more than 22-hundred teenage boys.

New York City Department of Correction Commissioner Dora Schiro told Pix11:

“We are determined to get to the bottom of the matter — and we will. The same high level effort by the DOC workforce that led to Matagrano’s speedy apprehension and arrest is being fully directed on making sure this can never happen again.”