Analysis: Spending cuts impact on families

Posted at 8:21 PM, Mar 01, 2013
and last updated 2013-03-01 20:33:03-05

The day started out with the president meeting with congressional leaders in both the Democratic and Republican parties… but the discussion over forced budget cuts, known as sequestration, didn’t go as planned so the blame game has begun.

85-billion dollars in forced spending cuts was voted for by congress… and could go into effect at midnight.

Capitol Hill is empty today… Lawmakers headed home for the weekend without addressing this potentially crippling issue.  And no deal means virtually every aspect of government will feel this impact.

In New Jersey, for example, lawmakers spoke out at Newark’s Liberty Airport where these massive, across the board spending cuts will impact the FAA, TSA and customs and border protection agents.

Senator Bob Menendez is saying that the budget sequestration will hurt airline security and increase airport wait times… And he’s putting nearly all the blame on House Republicans.

According to the White House… In New York 590 teachers and aide jobs are at risk and 120 schools could lose funding to help disadvantaged students.

And more than a million dollars ($1,070,000) cut in funding for response to threats like infectious diseases and natural disasters… That includes Sandy Aid.

Republicans, like New York’s Peter King, say the President’s lack of leadership is to blame… but acknowledges there needs to be give on both sides of the aisle…

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