The Political Hit on Zero Dark Thirty – Mendte

Posted at 9:36 PM, Feb 28, 2013
and last updated 2013-03-01 14:05:51-05

I just saw Zero Dark Thirty the other night and thought it was the best and most important movie of 2012.

Three months ago, the movie that details to 10 year manhunt for Osama Bin Laden was the frontrunner for the Oscar.  On the web site Rotten Tomatoes, that collects reviews from critics across the country, it got a positive reaction from 94%.  And because it was directed by Katherine Bigelow, whose last movie The Hurt Locker won both Best Director and Best Movie, Zero Dark Thirty was looking like a sure thing.

But then the movie became infested by the same disease that is strangling so many good things in America these days – politics.  Senators Diane Fienstein, John McCain and Carl Levin objected to the movies suggestion that water boarding an al Qaeda prisoner helped catch Osama Bin Laden.  Water boarding is a controversial method of interrogation where water is poured over the face causing a prisoner to panic and think they may drown.

Katherine Bigelow was given unprecedented access to classified intelligence documents and personnel and defends the film as being accurate and honest.  She got so much inside information that Congress wanted to investigate her.

Bigelow was shockingly snubbed by the Academy and didn’t even get a nomination for best director.  Zero Dark Thirty was nominated for best movie, but never had a chance because Hollywood doesn’t approve of water boarding.

Ironically, Bigelow made her movie about taking out Osama Bin Laden was rake out in a political hit.

Hollywood, once again, was exposed as intellectually bankrupt for putting ideology over honesty.

Zero Dark Thirty is a wonderful movie that courageously forced us to face some hard realities.  It is the best picture of the year whether Hollywood likes it or not.