Blueprint by ‘cannibal cop’ for abducting and cooking a woman friend presented by DEFENSE lawyers

Posted at 8:06 PM, Feb 28, 2013
and last updated 2013-02-28 20:06:42-05

The so-called Cannibal Cop drew up a blueprint for kidnapping, sexually torturing, cooking and eating a woman friend of his.  As disturbing and enraging as it is, it was the centerpiece of efforts by lawyers for Officer Gilberto Valle to prove his innocence in court on Thursday.

The title of the key defense document clearly shows Valle’s intentions.  “Abducting and Cooking Kimberly — A Blueprint” is a two-page plan that shows a photograph of a woman named Kimberly, and lists extensive background and personal information for her.  The blueprint even lists items Valle would need to take and keep her captive.

Cannibal Cop School copy

The defense lawyer used accused ‘cannibal cop’ Gilberto Valle’s plan to abduct and cook a woman as proof that it was just a fantasy.

Valle shared the document with at least one of a circle of more than a dozen online friends with whom he regularly exchanged stories and plans to carry out sexually cruel acts on female captives.

Specifically, he chatted about his designs on Kimberly with a fellow horror fetishist from England whose nickname was “Moody Blues,” and who used the screen name Meatmarketman.  Valle’s screen name was mhal52.  These are the specific plans for Kimberly he told Meatmarketman about in an online chat last summer:

Cannibal Cop transcript

The title of the key defense document clearly shows Valle’s intentions. “Abducting and Cooking Kimberly — A Blueprint” is a two-page plan that shows a photograph of a woman named Kimberly, and lists extensive background and personal information for her.

All of the information Valle wrote about his plot to capture and brutally kill Kimberly, his attorneys used in court to argue that he’s innocent of the main charge against him, conspiracy to kidnap.

A closer look at the blueprint shows that, except for its photograph of Kimberly, all the information Valle put in the blueprint is fictitious.  Her last name, place of residence, age, date of birth, education history — all information that somebody could use to track her down is far from factual.

Valle’s lawyers got the lead FBI agent on the case to admit it in court.  It was a significant submission, since the special agent, Corey Walsh, was part of the prosecution team the U.S. Attorney had assembled which brought the actual Kimberly to court earlier in the week to testify against Valle.  She had been friends with the 29 year-old cop since they were freshmen together in college.

Valle had another online chat about Kimberly’s capture that his attorneys cited:

Meatmarketman:  well, give me the address of Kim & I can google the address

Meatmarketman: REALLY want to see the neighborhood

mhal52 Don’t know it by heart

In fact, however, Valle knew Kimberly’s real address.  She testified to that fact in court earlier in the week.

PBA card cannibal cop

Valle had obtained her home address in order to mail her a courtesy card from the Police Benevolent Association intended to help her get out of potential speeding or parking tickets.

Late on Thursday, prosecutors pressed ahead to prove Valle’s guilt in the other charge he faces, unauthorized use of a computer.  Prosecutors have extensive records from the NYPD showing searches Valle made from the NYPD computer in his police cruiser about the background of Kimberly and other women he had chatted about sexually abusing and killing.  He had made dozens of documented searches, using the National Crime Information Center database.

Valle’s attorneys have said it is possible that he’ll take the stand in the trial that’s expected to last through next week.  He could face up to life in prison if he’s found guilty on the conspiracy charge.  The computer charge carries a sentence of up to five years.

Also Thursday, new information showing that Meatmarketman has been arrested in Great Britain on child pornography charges.  There is speculation that that arrest could actually help Valle, since his interaction with Meatmarketman, who also uses the nickname Moody Blues, did not involve child porn.

In other words, since all of Valle’s computer files show speculative acts that were never carried out, they contrast sharply with the actual child porn that British investigators found on Meatmarketman’s computer.  The New York Post first reported on Meatmarketman’s arrest.