The mind of the ‘Cannibal Cop:’ ‘I want her to experience being cooked alive’

Posted at 7:33 PM, Feb 27, 2013
and last updated 2013-03-11 20:43:57-04

Testimony at court Wednesday in the trial of the so-called Cannibal Cop provided insight into the mind of the man accused of plotting to kidnap, sexually torture, cook and eat women.

A series of chats Officer Gilberto Valle had with other men online detailing his plans both for women he knew, and some he did not, were displayed on electronic screens inside Courtroom 110 at the Thurgood Marshall Federal Courthouse in Lower Manhattan.  Specifics of those chats were shocking, disturbing, offensive and even horrifying.  At issue, though, is whether or not the activities the chats discussed is punishable by law.

Cannibal Cop trial

Transcripts of about a dozen chats were read in court by Corey Walsh, the main FBI agent in the case of the so-called cannibal cop.  Valle  had engaged in hundreds of chats with fellow sex horror fantasy fetishists in the years before he was arrested last October, but prosecutors chose online conversations for the FBI agent to read on the stand that they felt showed Valle was very serious in his intentions.

Valle’s screen name, according to the FBI, was mhal52.  In one chat featured in testimony, Valle talked with a man whose screen name is  alisherkhan.  The subject was about Valle’s wife, Kathleen Mangan:


A series of chats Officer Gilberto Valle had with other men online detailing his plans both for women he knew, and some he did not, were displayed in court.

mhal52:  will the feet be edible?

alisherkhan: yes, feet soup will be good and nutritious.  Even her tongue can be eaten.  

mhal52:  excellent.  

alisherkhan:  I would love to f*** her throat.  I mean a good b*** j***

mhal52:  fine with me!  she hates that.

The two had had that exchange after saying that they’d wanted to hang Valle’s wife by her feet, and torture her.

After behavior by Valle late last summer got her suspicious, his wife installed spyware on the computer that they shared.  After she was able to extensively track down his horror fantasy life, she went to the FBI, which arrested him.

Agents’ investigation unearthed even more chats leading to the charges Valle faces:  conspiracy to kidnap and unauthorized use of a computer.  In another chat, Valle spoke with alisherkhan about a woman named Andria, whose photo and profile the now disgraced cop found online.

The two discussed what they’d do to her once they had kidnapped and tortured her:

mhal52:  yeah, I really want her to be alive in the oven.

mhal52:  I want her to experience being cooked alive.

alisherkhan:  tie her in a hogtied position and put her in oven.  She will be a cool meat.

mhal52:  No she’ll be trussed up like a turkey.

mhal52: I am not into the humane stuff either.  It’s personal with Andria. She will absolutely suffer.

The two men’s exchange also included video of the slaughter of a goat that alisherkhan sent to Valle as a study aid to help Valle practice slaughtering a woman.

In the courtroom, however, Valle’s attorneys got Special Agent Walsh to admit that all of the officer’s online activities may have simply been fantasy roleplay, even if it was gruesome and brutal.

Evidence presented by prosecutors showed that Valle had used the NYPD computer in his police cruiser to make dozens of classified searches about women he had discussed having murderous plans for online.

It is still not clear whether or not Valle will end up testifying in his own defense at this trial.  It is expected to last through next week.