Track your dog’s every move with this awesome app

Posted at 7:30 PM, Feb 27, 2013
and last updated 2013-02-27 19:38:13-05

(Manhattan, NY) – The latest tech trend for your pet could make your furry friend safer and healthier.

The Pet Tracker by TAGG is a tracking system designed to monitor your pet’s whereabouts and activity.  The tracker attaches easily to your dog’s collar.  It has a GPS tracker inside the gadget that works in real time.  Plus, it monitors your pet’s activity so you can know if your dog is getting enough exercise.

The tracking happens online through or through the TAGG app on your smartphone.  In fact, you can get email or text alerts sent straight to your phone every time your dog is out of the zone (house).

We caught up with NYC’s pet trendologist Charlotte Reed to get the breakdown on the benefits for you and your dog.  “The Pet Tracker is a great idea, its beneficial because you can always know where your pet is at all times and also monitor his activity while you’re away from home.  You can make sure your dog walker is taking your dog out during the day because you can go online and monitor your dog’s activity.  So obviously if he is out with your dog walker, you are going to see a level of activity moving.  You also have that added protection if your dog gets away in the park, you will be able to track him in real time.”

The tracker is lightweight, even for dogs as small as 7 pounds.  “Exercise for dogs is vital.  Vets recommend 30 to 60 minutes a day,” said Reed.

While a lot of dogs have a micro-chip, that is buried under the skin, it only provides information when a dog gets lost and gets scanned at the shelter.  The chip is only for identification purposes.  But the Pet Tracker actually tracks your dog.  “So, before you get to that point, you can find your dog,” explained Reed.

PIX 11’s Erica Pitzi tested the Pet Tracker out on her dog, Teddy, and as soon as they went for a walk outside the apartment, the tracker sent an email alerting her that Teddy was “outside of the zone.”

“It helps you have a worry-free relationship with your dog because you are always going to know where your dog is,” said Reed.