Last call at the Emerald Inn: Rising UWS rent causes beloved Irish pub to close

Posted at 10:29 PM, Feb 25, 2013
and last updated 2013-02-26 15:40:44-05


Upper West Side- For 70 years, the Emerald Inn on Columbus Ave has been a staple in this Upper West Side neighborhood, but on May 1st the pub opened by current owner Charlie Campbell’s grandfather will close up shop.

“There’s just so much history here. It’s a family place. Three generations of Campbell’s flowed through here,” said Campbell.

Campbell said skyrocketing rent is to blame for the closure.  Campbell currently pays nearly $18,000 a month but with his lease up, the landlord is now asking for double and staying at the same location is no longer an option.  Instead, a Kate Spade store will be moving in.

Over the years, many of the small mom and pop shops were pushed out and replaced by luxury clothing shops, bakeries and other upscale stores, who pay $30,000 or more a month for retail space.

Campbell, however, told PIX11 he may have some good news very soon and that there may be a possibility the pub may reopen in a new location and to check the Emerald Inn’s Facebook page for updates.