NYC hate crime: Gay couple attacked on subway — and nobody helped

Posted at 8:41 PM, Feb 22, 2013
and last updated 2013-02-22 20:41:11-05

Luis and Urena were making their usual run to Harlem from Midtown to pick up their favorite dinner.  But what awaited them on the No. 2 train last Monday night was anything but routine.

A gang of young people, three women and three men, started picking on the pair almost immediately after they boarded shortly before 7 p.m.  They made comments about their sexual orientation, about their looks.

Then one woman started snapping pictures.  “I asked her, what are you taking of me for?” recounted 23 year old Urena Morel Frankelly.

Luis said they hurled anti-gay slurs at them.  “A lot of people on the train, and because of the way I am, they start talking about f*&^&&#. ‘You are f*&^%$#.  I’m going to hurt you,’ and lot of stuff like that.”

That was enough to set the gang off.  First a woman slapped Luis, then the three men jumped on Frankell.  Luis saw the flash of a blade.

As fists rained down on  Frankelly, Luis was stunned that no straphangers came to their rescue.  No one spoke or intervened.

Frankelly ended up with a slash over his eye, which was now swollen shut.  It took three stitches at the St. Luke’s Roosevelt ER to close the wound.  A bruise colors his cheek, and blood stained his jacket.

“Right in the middle of the train.  From 125th Street to 96th,” said Luis.

They finally escaped by running off the train and out of the station.  The gay couple says they approached an officer, but didn’t get any help.

Later, the Hate Crimes Unit came to their midtown apartment to interview them, and create sketches of two of the attackers.  They worked with detectives again Thursday night to create even better sketches.

If you have any information about the attack, please call police.