Fate of poor dog left chained in the cold is a mystery amid outcry to help German Shepherd

Posted at 5:44 PM, Feb 21, 2013
and last updated 2013-02-21 21:57:28-05

It was a despicable sight — a  German Shepherd chained to a railing in a trash-filled yard out in the freezing cold.

Amirah Williams tells us the dog had been living in the deplorable conditions for months, even during Hurricane Sandy.

On Wednesday,  Newark Animal Control went out to the house on Telford Street and fined the owner, but had to leave the dog behind.

“First thing is to make contact, then after that we are going to see if she want’s to release the dog over to us,” the

aa tied to railing in freezing, trash-filled yard

Heartbreaking neglect: This German Shepherd was left tied to railing in freezing, trash-filled yard.

animal-control worker said.

“I had to go through such dramatic measures just to get this little bit of help,” Williams said.

After our story aired we received a number of phone calls, tweets, and e-mails from our viewers in support of the pup.  More than one person even volunteered to adopt the abused animal.

So Thursday, we went back to check on the dog to make sure it wasn’t still left out there in the cold. But when we got there, the dog was nowhere to be found.

“Hopefully that dog is really getting the help that it needs and we don’t have to call you guys again.”

So we called Animal Control again to find out what happened to our four-legged friend, but this time they referred us to the mayor’s office.

We called Mayor Coey Booker’s office several times, and even went to City Hall. People in Booker’s office said they were aware of the issue, but no one could tell us what happened to the dog. We got a phone call later saying they would update us shortly on the poor pooch’s fate.

Now Williams is worried that it won’t be long before the German Shepherd is back outside chained to the railing.

She’s also concerned the living conditions on the inside might not be any better.

“Is she really going to help that dog, now?  Did you just take him in just to get you guys to back up?”