Special K recall; red berries cereal may contain glass fragments

Posted at 7:19 PM, Feb 20, 2013
and last updated 2013-02-20 19:19:32-05


(L.A. TIMES) Kellogg’s is voluntarily recalling some packages of its Special K Red Berries cereal because the boxes might contain fragments of glass, according to an announcement from the company. The recall covers certain 11.2-ounce, 22.4-ounce and 37-ounce boxes sold in the U.S.

“Please check any packages you have in your home and if your package matches the following criteria, please do not eat the product and contact us for a replacement coupon,” the alert said. “We may also make arrangements to retrieve the product for further evaluation.”

The following Special K Red Berries packages are included in the recall:

  • 11.2-ounce packages, UPC code 3800059923, Better if Used Before Date of DEC 02 2013 followed by KNC 105 with a time stamp of 00:13-2:30
  • 22.4-ounce packages, UPC code 3800078356, Better if Used Before Date of NOV 30 2013 followed by KNA 105 with a time stamp of 07:00-08:51 or NOV 30 2013 followed by KNB 105 with a time stamp of 15:00-17:05
  • 37-ounce packages, UPC code 3800020940, Better if Used Before Date of NOV 30 2013 followed by KNB 107 with a time stamp of 17:31-20:05

“All of our processes will be thoroughly reviewed and appropriate actions will be taken to help prevent this situation from happening in the future,” Kellogg’s said in a statement.

In October, Kellogg’s recalled certain varieties of Mini-Wheats cereal because of fragments of metal mesh from a manufacturing part. That recall affected an estimated 282,000 boxes and cost the company $20 million to $30 million, reported Yahoo! News.

Kellogg’s did not say how many boxes of Special K Red Berries are affected. There have been no reports of injuries associated with the recalled cereal, the company said.

Replacement coupons for recalled cereal are available at Kellogg’s website or by calling (800) 962-1413.