Pope may make major change before stepping down

Posted at 7:47 PM, Feb 20, 2013
and last updated 2013-02-20 19:47:28-05

Pope Benedict the 16th’s resignation announcement stunned Catholics around the world. Now, several reports are claiming the Pope may be changing the rules to speed up the process of picking his successor.

According to church law, Cardinals must normally wait at least 15 days after the Pope’s seat is vacant before a conclave begins to pick the next Pope. Reports out from Rome now saying the Pope may push up the start date from March 15th.

“You have to balance patience and time,” said Cardinal Timothy Dolan.

Cardinal Dolan addressed the reports out of the Vatican during a groundbreaking at Carmel Richmond Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center on Staten Island.

During a mass for residents, he also asked for prayers as the College of Cardinals soon will begin the process of selecting the next Pope.

Reports out of Rome also suggest Cardinal Dolan is a serious candidate.
He asked in jest if New Yorkers, “want me out?”

Dolan also expressed support for Cardinal Roger Mahoney’s right to vote in the Conclave. The Former Archbishop of Los Angeles has faced accusations of hiding sexual abuse by Priests.
“Well he certainly has the right to go. If only a Saint were able to go, none of us would be able to go including me,’ said Dolan.

The Cardinal said he doesn’t know when he’ll be leaving for Rome, but that he’s already seeking the advice of other Cardinals on what to pack. He said he hadn’t discussed possible successors with any of the other Cardinals.