Heartbreaking neglect: German Shepherd left tied to railing in freezing, trash-filled yard

Posted at 6:53 PM, Feb 20, 2013
and last updated 2013-02-21 17:49:17-05

We here at PIX11 news have seen our share of eyesores and have tried to clean them up.

But this one was truly disturbing and heartbreaking.


This dog was tied up and left in the cold in a Newark backyard.

Amid all  the trash in a Newark backyard on Telford Street was a dog — a German Shepherd, skinny and cold and shivering at times, tied to the railing here next to a washing machine.

Amirah Williams said he has been here for months.

Amirah Williams

“He’s crying, he’s howling. If you speak animal he is saying, ‘Help me. I’m cold and I’m hungry,” said Amirah Williams, who alerted PIX11 News to the dog’s desperate situation.

She lives next door and had to look at the dog outside her window every day. And she emailed PIX FIX for help.

“He’s crying, he’s howling. If you speak animal he is saying, ‘Help me. I’m cold and I’m hungry.”

She’s tried calling every city agency to help this dog — and got no answers.

The dog even had a friend that came to visit, a stray dog.

Animal control

This animal control official came to the aid of the dog.

Williams call the  German Shepherd “Survivor.” He was even out during Hurricane Sandy.

As soon as PIX FIX got her email, we contacted Animal Control and they came out right away. PIX11 cameras captured animal control arriving to help.

“We want to know why the dog is in this condition and is chained and not able to move,” an animal care official told PIX11 News.  “We are going to see if they can release the dog to us.”

The outcome relieved Williams.  “I love dogs and I love animals. Dogs are my favorite. It breaks my heart and I cry,” Williams said.