Couple finds $11,000 in bag on Golden Gate Bridge

Posted at 5:06 PM, Feb 20, 2013
and last updated 2013-02-20 19:07:23-05

A Bay Area couple who found $11,000 in a bag during a Valentine’s Day excursion to the Golden Gate Bridge are being thanked by police and the bag’s owner after they decided to turn it in.

Carlos and Barbara Landeros were taking some pictures of the bridge’s cloudless, spectacular backdrop when they came across a black camera bag sitting on a ledge.  They waited for almost an hour for someone to return, but, when no one did, they decided to open it.

Carlos and Barbara Landeros

Carlos and Barbara Landeros

Inside they found pricey camera equipment and $11,060.42 in cash.

“I got nervous at first, it could be drug money,” she told NBC Bay Area. “I was scared.”

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Carlos and Barbara Landeros stood with the bag for 45 minutes to see if the owner would return.

They figured that their romantic meal could wait, and decided to turn the money in to the San Francisco Hall of Justice.  She recalled the officer telling her ‘good for you guys’ and ‘I’m proud of you.’

In the end it turned out not to be drug money, police traced the credit cards in the bag to a Chinese tourist who was holding a lot of cash for other people in his group.

The man, Mark, didn’t want his last name used, remembered the call he got from police, “When the officer give me everything . . . he said ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’.”

Mark said he has tried to call the Landeros family and even visit them to give them his thanks, but he missed them both times.  He sent them a reward check in the mail, and was finally able to thank them over the phone.

“So my heart is rested now because the people got their money and their bag,” said Barbara Landeros.