Raunchy ‘Harlem Shake’ video gets high school hockey team banned from playoffs

Posted at 9:47 AM, Feb 19, 2013
and last updated 2013-02-19 09:47:46-05

The new viral craze, the Harlem Shake, has put a high school hockey team in the penalty box – and out of the playoffs.

The YouTube video produced by the Nyack-Tappan Zee hockey team starts out like every other version of the popular trend.

One player dances solo in a locker room surrounded by others who appear to be unfazed. Then when the beat drops, the rest of the team join in. However, in this version, officials say the suggestive sexual dance moves cross the line.

Players donning just underwear and hockey protective gear can be seen thrusting in a lewd manner, some simulating sex acts.

One player wears just a sock.

The video, which was uploaded to YouTube, has now cost the team a shot in the playoffs, prompting school officials to forfeit the team’s first-round playoff game on Sunday.

Players are now crying foul, saying the punishment does not fit the crime. Watch the video and tell us what you think.