Family of woman who washed up on Queens beach suspect her boyfriend

Posted at 10:45 PM, Feb 18, 2013
and last updated 2013-02-18 22:45:17-05

Marisha Cheong’s badly decomposed body washed up on a beach Saturday morning in Breezy Point.  She disappeared two months ago from her apartment in Jamaica Queens,  just days before her favorite holiday – on December 19th.

But there’s a clear rift developing between her family in Valley Stream, Long Island and Latchman Balkaran – the live-in boyfriend who police say saw Cheong last.

“That’s my main agenda now.  Everything in my life is trying to find out who did this. I’m going to find who did this,” Latchman Balkeran told Pix11 News.

Balkaran has been questioned, but not charged and tells us he’s cooperating with detectives trying to solve this case.

When cops pulled Cheong’s body out of the water her hands were tied, she was wearing one boot and pajama bottoms — the apparent victim of foul play.

Beach body

Christine Persaud, who lives across the street in Jamaica, Queens – says the day Cheong disappeared, her boyfriend came to their house.

“The day of she went missing, he came over here for some surveillance – to see if we have surveillance. To see probably if he knows who she went away with – or whatsoever happened,” Persaud told Pix11.

Dow asked if Balkeran appeared to be concerned, or genuine. Persaud replied, “My father was home, but he said he seemed a little worried, including his parents – who came over here.”

But Cheong’s mother believes this is an open and shut case – and believes the boyfriend – Balkeran – is responsible for her murder.

“Whoever did this they have to pay for it. They have to pay for it. “I don’t care what he say. He’s a liar, and he will always be a liar. And they gonna get him. If you have your pajamas on, you’re sleeping. So how she reach where she is. He have to know what he did with her,” Dibi Ali told Pix11.