Clumsy crooks leave clues in brazen Four Seasons Hotel heist

Posted at 7:47 PM, Feb 18, 2013
and last updated 2013-02-18 21:26:04-05

(NEW YORK CITY ) –  Hotel heists in the city are nothing new.  There have been some classics.  On Monday, many of the city’s premier properties, some of which house pricey pieces of art, were keenly aware as to what happened at the luxurious Four Seasons on East 57th Street at approximately 1:50 am Sunday.

This was not an elaborate silver-screen caper comparable to Danny Ocean and his crew of 11 at the Bellagio in Vegas.  Those guys had style, class  and meticulous blueprints.

This operation had two amateurs, a sledgehammer and wheels.  Additionally, PIX 11 News contributor Wally Zeins, a former Manhattan Detective, confirmed that they were also slapdash,”They left a lot of good clues for the detectives to follow,” said Zeins.  Including, apparently, the same sledgehammer they used without gloves.  Additionally a watch was reportedly dropped and Zeins said that there were possible fingerprints on the  door.

four seasons heist suspects

Suspects caught on surveillance footage during a heist at the Four Seasons Hotel that netted $160,000.

So how did two guys stroll in and out of an award-winning $700 a night hotel with nearly $170K of hardware from Jacob and Company?

They simply walked in.

One thug proceed to distract a security officer; the other then swung away with the sledgehammer — shattering the glass and making off with the stash. It’s been reported that some of the cameras around the hotel were not functioning properly and police are exploring the possibility of an inside job.

Zeins says it doesn’t make sense, “The verbal conversation that they had with the security guard, ‘where are you going?’ ‘Going to visit a friend,’ they didn’t know the room when challenged… it was just poorly done.”

Across the street at Jacob and Company, the famed jewelry did issue the following in a statement through a Los Angeles public relations firm, “We have full confidence that the authorities who are working with full cooperation of the Four Seasons Hotel will be able to resolve the situation and find those involved in this crime.”

The Four Seasons Hotel

The Four Seasons echoed the sentiments stating, “We are working fully with the police as well as Jacob & Co. to ensure the case is resolved.”