Bronx fast-food restaurant workers fear return of woman who beat up employee

Posted at 12:39 AM, Feb 16, 2013
and last updated 2013-02-16 00:39:58-05

Checkers is a lunchtime hotspot in the Bronx — where the food is hot and appetites are big.

Norma Zabala has managed daytime crowds at the East Fordham Road location for two years, serving up burgers and fries. It’s a job she says requires skill and enormous patience.

Does she  feel safe behind this counter? “Until what happened recently, yeah.”

Police say on Jan. 2, 20 minutes into the night shift, an irritable women walked into the fast food joint looking for more than a meal.

Norma says her friend and co-worker, whose name we’re choosing to withhold, came face-to-face with this customer who refused to wait.

Instead of asking for help , she hurled herself to the front of the line — and began assaulting the employee behind the counter.

The victim suffered minor injuries —  she’s nervous to return to her normal nightshift here at Checkers.

Surveillance cameras caught her in action but cops can’t find her.

Until she is located, employees say they’ll keep one eye on the orders, then other on the front door.

“For now we just look at everybody who comes in,” Zabala said.