NJ school votes to allow principal to carry gun

Posted at 8:56 AM, Feb 13, 2013
and last updated 2013-02-13 08:56:53-05

It has certainly been a talked about issue throughout the county.   The big question – whether or not to allow school administrators to carry a gun into school for safety.

Since the tragedy at Newtown Elementary school, schools across the country have been looking for ways to become safer.

Now, one school in New Jersey, is a step closer to becoming one of the first to allow it’s principal to carry a concealed gun everyday.  It’s happening at Passaic Valley High School. According to the school superintendent, Viktor Joganow, it is all because the principal is a retired police officer.

Raymond Rotello has been the principal for the past three years at the school.  Prior to that, he was a Little Falls police officer for Twenty-Five years and was even in charge of the firearm training at one point.   Because of his unique history, Superintendent Joganow says he has someone who not only can use a gun and has a permit, but someone who knows how to handle a crisis.

At last nights Board of Education meeting, the board approved this plan in an eight to zero vote.  However, it needs to pass one more vote for this new policy to pass.

Joganow believes this will pass with no problems and that there will be no adverse affects to the plan since Rotello has years of experience carrying a gun.