Moldy nightmare: Mold growing in hundreds of Sandy homes on Staten Island

Posted at 10:35 PM, Feb 13, 2013
and last updated 2013-02-13 22:35:03-05

New Dorp Beach, Staten Island-  New Dorp Beach residents are busy and have enough to worry about as they continue to rebuild their homes and lives.  On Roma Avenue, however, some have one more headache on their list.  A home practically abandoned by its owner, filled with what appears to be black mold inside.  Thick coats of dark, fluffy mold coats the walls and countertops inside 166 Roma Avenue.

Ross Decker, from Sandy Yellow Team, a group of Staten Island volunteers who mobilized just one week after Sandy hit, said it was the worst his group had ever seen.  They were called in by Staten Island Congressman Michael Grimm because of their expertise in environmental services and after neighbors, like Scott and Dee McGrath, became concerned for their own health.

Officials with the city’s Housing Recovery Department don’t believe the mold issue inside of 166 is of particular concern or danger to anyone living nearby, but the McGraths feel differently.

“I don’t think anybody needs an expert to tell them mold growing like that isn’t bad for the public.  When I walk my dog, I can smell it from out here,” said McGrath.

The Yellow Team began demo work this past weekend and will continue on to mold remediation work this upcoming weekend.  The homeowner, who PIX11 spoke with over the phone, said she gave permission for the cleanup but at this point has no interest in the property and will allow it to go into foreclosure.