Pranksters hack into emergency alert system, warn Montana residents of zombie apocalypse

Posted: 12:45 PM, Feb 12, 2013
Updated: 2013-02-12 13:33:58-05

Viewers who were watching The Steve Wilkos show got a bit of a scare Monday when the emergency alert system for their local TV station notified them of an apparent zombie apocalypse.

Yea, we can’t even make this up.

It happened in Montana on the local CW station, KRTV. That’s where viewers who were in the middle of a very special Steve Wilkos show — “Teen Cheaters Take Lie Detectors” heard an alert straight out of the AMC zombie drama “The Walking Dead.”

“Civil authorities in your area have reported that the bodies of the dead are rising from their graves and attacking the living,” the message said. “Follow the messages on screen that will be updated as information becomes available. Do not attempt to approach or apprehend these bodies as they are considered extremely dangerous.”


Pranksters in Montana who hacked a local station’s emergency alert system, were most likely inspired by the AMC zombie drama “The Walking Dead.” (AMC)

Obviously, there was no zombie apocalypse happening. Well, at least as far as local authorities know.

Soon after viewers heard the message, station engineers scrambled and quickly broadcast a message alerting viewers someone hacked into their emergency alert system and zombies were indeed NOT on the prowl.

It still remains unclear who the pranksters were. Officials with KRTV said they are investigating the incident.

Now let’s all collect ourselves and continue watching those crazy teen cheaters take lie detector tests, shall we.