Ice on the streets, blood boiling behind the wheel as Long Island drivers lash out

Posted at 7:27 PM, Feb 11, 2013
and last updated 2013-02-11 19:27:11-05

(RONKONKOMA) – The LIE might be flowing, but cars were still ditched on the side as workers continued to move snow from the weekend’s historic blizzard.

However, along surface streets in the area around the LIE in Suffolk County road conditions were the equivalent of Nassau Coliseum before the Islanders drop the puck, it was an ice skating rink.

Below is a sample of driver’s reaction in Ronkonkoma and Centereach:

“The roads are horrible look in front of the building people are stuck everywhere, I don’t know where the plows are?”

“The roads are worst today than they were yesterday and the day before.”

“I think they should be sanding or salting the roads, that is what is really making it worst.”

“F… 100%… F”

“It was horrendous, horrendous literally prisoners in our home for two days.”

“Not good at all, this is 4-wheel drive and we still have problems.”

“I don’t think the town really wanted to spend the money for a Saturday maybe it was overtime, again not too many people had to go to work, but still it’s Monday look at it.”