Even if wife had affair it “doesn’t matter to me”: Steven Sierra

Posted at 7:30 PM, Feb 11, 2013
and last updated 2013-02-11 19:30:27-05

Even as the husband of murdered Staten Island mom Sarai Sierra fields questions about his wife’s overseas infidelity, he says, “I’d marry her all over again.”

One Turkish man who was initially questioned by police in Istanbul, known as Talan K., told officials he had sex with Sarai the night before she disappeared, and had planned to meet the aspiring photographer the next day.  It was a meeting he says never happened.

Steven shared much during a conversation, including addressing numerous of his recent on-line posts that have many wondering what he knew about his wife’s overseas activities.

Steven insists his wife was faithful, even as he posted numerous pages about infidelity–one saying “Don’t cheat in a relationship.  If you aren’t happy, just leave” and “Good relationships take two people who truly want to be together.”   He also put up this quote, “Every problem comes to break us or make us.”  Steven insists these were meant to be inspirational to others, that they were in no way a reflection of their 16 year relationship.

We also visited with Sarai’s parents and sister in their Staten Island home.  They are understandably devastated by their daughter’s murder, focusing on her upcoming wake on Valentine’s Day and Funeral on Friday.  Dennis Jimenez generously invited anyone who wants to attend to come to pay their respects,  “Stop by on Thursday. It’s open.”