New Jersey cleans up after storm barrels down

Posted at 6:36 PM, Feb 09, 2013
and last updated 2013-02-09 18:36:26-05

NEW JERSEY (PIX11)- The blizzard of 2013 left a mess for New Jersey residents to contend with on their Saturday morning.
Some parts of the state saw a reported 15 inches of snow.

“You got to be very, very careful,” said Jerry Ferrara of Fort Lee.
It took Ferrara about an hour to dig out his front walkway. The snow was both icy and heavy.

“The older you get you have to go slow,” Ferrara cautioned.

With thick and heavy snow, the main concern became the fire hydrants.
Firefighters went hydrant to hydrant digging out so that emergency responders could get to them.

“We’re clearing a pathway for all the hydrants right now so that we can get clear for them in case there’s an emergency,” said Fort Lee Firefighter Andrew Fein.

According to, few accidents were reported on the roads across the state.
Many drivers praised the efforts of the plows and said the roads were cleared early on the main roads.

The blizzard did not help business. Konstantinos Varelis opened his shop in Fort Lee, Mediterranean Gourmet, late on Saturday morning.
He drove in from South Jersey when the blizzard passed.

“I think most people are scared from the weather we’ve been having,” said Varelis.

Along Main Street in Fort Lee, New Jersey, several businesses owners told us because of the snow, they could not open on time.