New York City, still reeling from Sandy, says it’s ready for epic blizzard

Posted: 7:02 PM, Feb 08, 2013
Updated: 2013-02-08 19:02:26-05

In Redhook the winter storm started out looking a lot like Super Storm Sandy. Early Friday afternoon winds whipping gates and flags with light rain providing an all-too-familiar sight.

But that wintery mix of rain and hail turned to snow, putting a fresh coat of powder on the already icy roadways.

Sanitation trucks fitted with plows and snow chains lined up ready to wipe the roads clean as soon as substantial snow starts to collect.

Mayor Bloomberg urged private employees to leave work early.  The mayor also urged people to find a parking spot and stay in for the night to enable plows and to prevent similar situation to the Christmas storm of 2010 when abandoned cars blocked the roads.