Bracelet tells you how healthy you are

Posted at 6:35 PM, Feb 08, 2013
and last updated 2013-02-08 18:35:24-05

Wouldn’t it be nice to wear something that tells you how healthy you are?

The UP band by Jawbone claims to do just that.  You wear it like a bracelet on your wrist 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and it supposedly tracks how much you sleep, eat, drink and even tracks your every step.

To find out how it works, we met up with Jawbone’s Vice-President of Product Marketing Travis Bogard.

“UP is an integrated system – a combination of a band you wear around your wrist and an application on your smart phone that together help you track your movement throughout the day, your sleep, what you’re eating, and ultimately how you feel, so the end result, you can really know yourself so you can make better choices,” said Bogard.

Whenever you want to see the information that the band has been tracking, you connect it to the headphone jack no your iPhone.

The band/app offers many features, including a Smart Alarm that you can set to have your wristband vibrate in the morning to wake you up.

As for the sleep tracker, the band can supposedly sense when you are in a light sleep or a deep sleep.  “It can tell through the micro-motions of your wrist when you are in those different stages of sleep,” explained Bogard.

Bogard says they also built in an Idle Alert as an added feature.  “If you want to never be sitting for more than 45 minutes, it will vibrate and remind you to get up and move around,” explained Bogard.

We recruited PIX 11’s newest reporter Joe Mauceri to test out the UP Band for a couple of days and he happily acquiesced.

“I saw I was only getting a total of 5 hours sleep which is not enough, so realized I need to make more time to sleep more,” said Mauceri, adding, “[The UP band] has encouraged me to keep better track when I do work out and of what I eat.”

Another aspect to the app is a social media component that includes friending other UP band wearers to see each other’s stats and progress.

“We found if you have just one teammate you are moving 10 miles more a month and 20% longer workouts,” said Bogard.

Jawbone’s UP band is not the only sleep/activity tracker on the market.  Nike’s Fuelband and FitBit’s Flex make similar wristbands.  Prices vary between $99 and $150.