Thieves posing as fake Fed Ex workers on the prowl in Brooklyn

Posted at 9:43 AM, Feb 07, 2013
and last updated 2013-02-07 09:57:59-05

BROOKLYN (PIX11) – Here’s a bit of advice:  Don’t trust everyone who comes to your door, even if they look official.

In East New York, Brooklyn cops are hunting for a band of thieves with a legit looking front man. They have released surveillance video that shows the guy and his crew in the well orchestrated act that could lead to quality time behind bars.

In the video the first guy shows up carrying a box and wearing Fed Ex clothing.  On Friday afternoon, he walked past the house at about 3:40 p.m. then comes back and cases the place one more time before opening the front gate and heading to the door. He’s followed by his crew.

A guy in a leather jacket passes by and then comes back.  Another guy in a burgundy sweatshirt, and a guy with a stocking cap head in the others all follow.  After knocking on the door cops say the crew forced their way into the apartment and assaulted the four people living inside while demanding to know where they could find money and gold.  Cops say they stole cell phones and gold chains.


Surveillance cameras captured a group of thieves posing as fake Fed Ex workers in Brooklyn.

A 72 year old guy had to be taken to the hospital after the beat down.  He suffered minor injuries.

But there’s more. Cops are also looking for help in finding two other guys who hit a house on Staten Island in broad daylight. They say they impersonated cops when they approached a home on Sheldon street on January 6th.  Cops say they used a police badge and a gun when they entered a home and ripped off the people living there.  The guy with the badge had a chipped front tooth.