Bloody Metrocards are part of NYC’s shock subway safety campaign

Posted at 10:44 PM, Feb 06, 2013
and last updated 2013-02-07 14:37:08-05

Don’t be surprised if you get a bloodstained metro card tomorrow.

It’s a new campaign that is supposed to keep you safe, but does it go too far?

In Woodside, Queens, as people wait for the seven train the man that was pushed to his death back in December by a stranger is still fresh in the minds of some.

Now a shocking new ad is being released.

Put out by union officials to push the MTA to allow drivers to slow down as they approach stations, the cards look like a horror movie ad but are meant to save lives.

You see a blood stained metro card and the grim reaper, and image that is shocking to some straphangers.

But Carolyn Dugan says she really likes the ad, and has her own scary reasons why.

Two weeks ago she had a near death experience at the Queensboro Plaza station — she was pushed while a train was approaching the station by a stranger.

“I was transferring from one train to the seven, a woman pushed me and my leg went in between the train and the platform — I am still black and blue.”

The truth according to some recent MTA stats is that 141 people were struck last year on the platform – but barely any of them were people standing too close to the edge. Fifty-five were killed.

Fifty-four people tripped, thirty-three people jumped and thirty-three tried to get property off the track.

The timing of these flyers is on the same day there will be an emergency hearing held about platform safety by the city council.  Whether it’s effective or not, it’s definitely already getting plenty of attention.