Anti-aging clothing repairs skin while keeping you stylish

Posted at 7:24 PM, Feb 06, 2013
and last updated 2013-02-08 18:37:44-05

New York, NY – As women, we’re always trying to find something that slims us (which is why Spanx has become a household name) but what if your shape wear could “repair” your skin as it sucks it in?

We caught up Cass & Company designer Susan Ledyard to talk about her latest luxury shape wear line called “Wear Repair.”

Cass & Company is already a successful shape wear company, with lines already available in Bloomingdales stores.  ‘Wear Repair’ is one of the newer lines and it has already seen success online at Bliss and Rue La La.

“When we started 8 years ago, shape wear wasn’t as significant – just mothers were buying it now but now they are buying it for their daughters, sisters, everyone is wearing it,” said Ledyard.

Now, with ‘Wear Repair’, according to Ledyard, your shape wear can pull double duty.  “Our clothes can significantly reduce wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation and overall texture of the skin,” said Ledyard.

But how?

“You’ve heard of copper in our moisturizers, it’s the same thing but now it’s in a fabric form.  It’s been seen in double blind clinical study to show 85% improvement in skin tone, texture and appearance.”

Ledyard showed PIX 11 News her latest design for the line called the “Lucky Back” that has multiple functions.  “It gently pulls your shoulders back and keeps you in better posture,” adding, “And it has the copper in it so it improves the look your skin tone and texture, decreases age spots, while you wear it.”

Ledyard says the benefits do not wash out of the fabric either because its woven into the fabric.  As far as results go, Ledyard says, the Rachel Ray show did a 30 day trial with her audience and found they had significant decrease in age spots after the second week.

“The goal is to feel better about yourself in your clothing!  Our tag line is:  It’s you only better!” said Ledyard.

Cass & Company’s ‘Wear Repair’ is one of many clothing lines that claim to do more for you.

Proskins Slims is another company that carries a line of leggings and undergarments made of fabric woven with Retinol, caffeine and Vitamin E.  Those elements, the company claims, promotes blood circulation and fluid retention, ultimately helping to reduce cellulite.  Their tagline says it all, “The Hidden Workout.”