Snow Bowl? Weather shouldn’t be a factor in 2014 MetLife Super Bowl

Posted at 8:51 PM, Feb 04, 2013
and last updated 2013-02-04 20:51:30-05

(EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ) – Since 2008, the average temperature near MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford on February 2nd is approximately 34 degrees.

The PIX 11 News weather team also added that on a few of those dates there have been a few inches of snowfall.  A dusting is perhaps the best way to describe it.  Nothing that would sack a Super Bowl.  However, as the focus of super Sunday shifts to New York-New Jersey the talk of the first ever cold-weather Super Bowl is generating more questions about the weather.

“This will all be tents throughout this whole area, so you really won’t have parking.  It’s amazing, it’s something like you’ve never seen before,” said East Rutherford Councilman Joel Brizzi as he walked through what will be the corporate tent village at Super Bowl 48.  Brizzi, who is a Giants fan, is expecting a historic night next February, “You’ve got 30-million people within a forty-five minute drive of here.  This stadium will be filled, it will be packed, it will be exciting.”

And cold.

February 2nd in the Tri-State area is routinely near freezing. Combine that with the potential of snow in February, but Brizzi says the stadium and tent providers will be ready for the elements, “I’m sure that the tent companies will have to be prepared for that.”

Jennifer Hudson performs at the 2013 Super Bowl in New Orleans

Jennifer Hudson performs at the 2013 Super Bowl in New Orleans

Commissioner Goodell said it best when he said that the Super Bowl is no longer a game, rather it’s a week of events.

Fact is, Super Bowl events generate money.

Lots of it.

A ticket into frigid MetLife stadium in 2014 will be a hot one, contributing to an estimated economic impact in the neighborhood of a billion dollars according to some estimates.

Allen St. John is a New York Times best-selling author who has written ten books.  One of them is “The Billion-Dollar Game,” a 264-page in-depth examination of the Super Bowl.  St. John says it’s an event that prepares itself like no other, “The fact is the NFL is really well prepared in terms of contingency. They literally do drills for nuclear terrorism. So the fact is they have already thought about what would happen in terms of snow.”

Candace Jarkow is the President/CEO of Maverick Events a an-award winning Midtown based event production/public relations firm that specializes in top tier event buildout and branding.  Jarkow has staged nearly 100 events and been involved in a variety of others including the Maxim party at the Super Bowl in Phoenix.  While the thought of a record-low Super Bowl sends a chill down the spine of most, Jarkow warmly embraces its potential, “At the end of the days it’s a huge opportunity for sponsors to come in with something ingenious to be able get their name out there to all of the people that will attend and to the masses that view it.”

Separately, report Monday indicated there were no plans for a halftime show at MetLife Stadium. NFL Spokesman Brian McCarthy reached out to PIX 11 News in the afternoon say that there will be a pre-game and halftime show.  McCarthy also added that they are further along with the preparations than normal because of the weather.

It should be a heck of home game.