“All over an iPhone?”: Three people stabbed on Queens subway platform

Posted at 9:49 PM, Feb 04, 2013
and last updated 2013-02-04 22:16:03-05

An iPhone was at the center of a triple subway stabbing at a subway station at Jamaica Center, according to police.

It was on the crowded J platform at Archer Avenue and Parsons Boulevard station just at the beginning of rush hour, around 3:30 pm, when a fight broke out. Police say it may have started as a robbery, and the ensuing brawl left three teenagers with stab wounds — two in the stomach, the other in the leg.  All three were rushed to Jamaica Hospital.

“It looks like it’s in the torso area,” the victim’s aunt, T. Davis told PIX 11. “There was a lot of blood. We’re just praying he’s all right.”

The aunt said she is still not sure what happened, because her nephew was too injured to speak to her.

“I have no knowledge of him having an iPhone. He has a cellphone,” she added.

As police examined videotape from the many cameras in the subway station, subway riders worried about all their fellow passengers on their iPhones all the time.

J train stabbing

Police say a fight over a cell phone between two groups of young men on the Parsons/Archer subway platform ended with three people being stabbed.

“My son Is 15 years old and I just bought him an iPhone and I don’t allow him to take it to school just because of incidents like this, Chuck Henley told PIX 11.”
“You could give your life away over a cell phone. It’s not worth it. Give it up,” his wife, Christine, added.

“It just don’t make any sense. All over a cellphone. I just pray for the family,” another subway rider, Beverly Middleton chimed in.

None of the stabbing victims’ injuries are considered life threatening, all three are expected to survive. They told police the two teenagers who stabbed them ran out of the subway station and fled the scene on foot.