All-girl gang terrorizes bowling alley, stabs girl multiple times

Posted at 8:29 PM, Jan 31, 2013
and last updated 2013-02-01 15:50:54-05

They’ve gained a reputation as a violent gang, and they’ve struck again in another city in North Jersey.  But the group is as unusual in their name and their membership as they are dangerous.

They call themselves the BGC Posse.  The G stands for “gone,” the C, for “crazy.”  The B is for a derogatory term for women, and this group that’s shown itself in police reports to be violent is made up completely of females in their early 20’s.

A Jersey City Police report details their latest attack.  The group of at least eight young women was bowling, drinking and getting unruly in the Hudson Lanes bowling alley on Garfield Avenue at the Jersey City-Bayonne town line.

In fact, the women got so out of hand, according to the bowling alley manager, that he had to order them out of the business just after 1:00 A.M. Wednesday.  When the young ladies got out to the parking lot, they threatened to beat up another young female who had been inside earlier.  That woman called her cousin for help.

All-girl gang B****** Gone Crazy wanted for terrorizing bowling alley, stabbing girl

All-girl gang B****** Gone Crazy wanted for terrorizing bowling alley, stabbing girl

When the cousin, a 23 year-old Jersey City resident, showed up, a full-on girl gang attack broke out, and as the two cousins and another friend tried to get away, they noticed that the 23 year-old cousin was bleeding.  It quickly became clear that she had been slashed, apparently with a knife.

Somebody from the B*****s Gone Wild Posse had left the woman they’d attacked with knife gashes across both of her breasts and one arm that were so severe, the victim needed more than two dozen stitches and staples to begin to repair the damage.  The Jersey Journal first reported the story.

Police interviewed the victim at Jersey City Medical Center, where a friend of hers had taken her after the attack.  The victim told investigators about the BGC Posse moniker the group of women had used in the attack.

Police also interviewed another woman who had been hurt in the attack.  She told them that she had encountered the BGC Posse before, during a gang attack in Newark.

Police are investigating, but identifying the attackers is a challenge, as the police report indicates, and bottles of cheap alcohol in the bowling alley parking lot show.  The victim and the perpetrators were intoxicated at the time of the attack, so getting a detailed description of the BGC Posse members may not be possible until they strike again.