Petition to get veteran Ravens cheerleader to the Super Bowl

Posted at 9:48 PM, Jan 30, 2013
and last updated 2013-01-30 21:48:24-05

(The Baltimore Sun) Thousands of people have joined a campaign to get one Ravens cheerleader — apparently left out of the Super Bowl festivities — down to New Orleans for the big game.

More than 3,000 people signed an online petition begging Ravens management to reconsider and a few thousand more are supporting the “Help us get Courtney to Superbowl” Facebook page.

According to the petition, cheerleader Courtney Lenz, who’s 23 and has been with the squad five years, was told she wouldn’t be performing at the Super Bowl even though the squad was told 32 cheerleaders would make the trip and everyone with at least three years would go.

She’s apparently the only veteran who didn’t make the cut. Lenz tells ABC News that she’s devastated.

“I wouldn’t even have reached out and let fans know if I didn’t think it was clearly wrong,” she told “I’m just devastated by the whole situation. This was very unexpected… I didn’t even think there would be a chance of me not going with being a five-year veteran.”

Ravens marketing manager Heather Harness told The Sun that they simply can’t take the whole cheerleading squad.

“As much as we would like to take the whole team, we are unable to do so, due to parameters set by the NFL,” she said, adding that the decision about who would go was based on seniority, performance ability and personal conduct throughout the season.

Perhaps the outpouring of online support is warming her spirits.

“I used to think the Ravens organization was one of the classiest organizations in the league,” Scott Allen wrote on Facebook. “Doing this to Ms Lenz is equivalent to telling Ray Lewis you can’t play in the Superbowl because you’re retiring.”

“Bad Karma for the Ravens,” said Cynthia Stone. “Hope they fix it. Who needs that kind of karma going into a super bowl?”

By Jill Rosen