New Jersey Transit train, tractor-trailer crash in rush-hour nightmare: ‘It really sounded like a bomb’

Posted at 3:04 PM, Jan 30, 2013
and last updated 2013-01-30 20:21:01-05

You can see how badly the power-line post is split. The tractor-trailer was seriously damaged, with buckets of paint on the road.

“I’ve never heard anything like that in my life, it really sounded like a bomb.”

That’s how witnesses describe the sound they heard Wednesday morning when a New Jersey Transit train collided with a tractor-trailer in the middle of a railroad crossing.

It happened in Little Falls around 8:15 a.m., during the morning rush hour.

Jarrad Navarro, a witness, said t sounded like “a transformer blowing up like 20 times worse than that.”

New Jersey Transit officials say more than 70 people were on the train at the time of the accident. Ten people were injured, two of them seriously.

One is an unidentified New Jersey Transit worker, the other a school crossing guard who was hit by debris from the accident.

“She had paint buckets on top of her and what not, I guess from the truck they must have fallen on her,” said Richard Slaton, a witness.

Transit officials say the whole accident happened because that truck, which was carrying hundreds of paint barrels was trying to make a turn that was simply too tight.

“The tractor-trailer then backed up, and at that point the gates had come down and the train was unable to stop in time,” said John Durso Jr. of New Jersey Transit

“As for that train, it finally came to rest here several blocks away from the crossing where the accident took place. The impact was so hard the front door was blown out leaving the train covered in paint both inside and out.”

“Crazy it look like a scene from the movie. I would have never expected anything like this to come from Little Falls.”