Jersey shoppers FURIOUS as they face 4% fee for using credit cards

Posted at 7:35 PM, Jan 25, 2013
and last updated 2013-01-25 19:35:41-05

Shoppers at the Bergen Town Center outlets are furious with that new law that could cost them 4-percent on credit card purchases.

Everyone PIX11 News spoke with told us they had no idea the new law was going into effect, and they say if stores charge them to use a credit card they’ll either pay cash or find a new place to shop.

Consumer groups are calling it a check out fee.  Starting Sunday stores in New Jersey will be allowed to charge shoppers, who pay with a credit card, up to 4-percent on their total bill.

The new law comes after a settlement between retailers, Visa, MasterCard and nine major banks.

Right now, stores pay credit card companies up to 3-percent each time they swipe your card.

The new law allows, but does not require, stores to pass that cost onto the customer.

Shoppers say they’ll take that into account before they check out.

Stores that choose to charge the new credit card fee have to notify customers with signs at the entrance and at the cash register.

It’s not clear what stores will charge to swipe your credit card, so shoppers need to be on the lookout.

But some say even if they’re forced to pay the fee, some stores will still get their business.

It’s unlikely that big box stores like Target will start charging this fee right away because they label themselves as a discount store.

As for New York and Connecticut shoppers, you won’t have to pay the fee because those states outlaw surcharge fees.