Man who locked in ‘Harbowl’ trademark a year ago, was pressured by NFL to walk away: report

Posted at 2:26 PM, Jan 24, 2013
and last updated 2013-01-24 20:42:29-05

With the Ravens and 49ers set to duke it out in the upcoming Super Bowl, you would’ve thought someone would be quick to jump on capitalizing on the fact that the coaches for each team are brothers — Jim Harbaugh and John Harbaugh.

Possibly trademarking the phrase “Harbowl” or “Harbaughbowl.” Well one fan did just that.

Indiana man Roy Fox filed the proper paperwork to trademark both terms, hoping to use it for merchandise to bring in some cash on the side.

Call him Miss Cleo – because he did it about a year ago, predicting that one day the two brothers will indeed meet in the Big Game.

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Just two weeks before Ravens coach Jim Harbaugh and 49ers coach John Harbaugh will face off at Super Bowl 47, it was revealed that an Indiana man who trademarked the phrase “Harbowl” was pressured by the NFL to abandon it.

According to an ESPN report, when the NFL got wind of this, they reached out to Fox with “concerns” that his recent trademarks will confuse fans with their trademark of Super Bowl.  Officials wanted him to abandon the trademark.


Super Bowl.

Yea we can see how that can get confusing. Just as confusing as ice hockey and figure skating.

After the NFL flexed its legal muscles, threatening to bury Fox with a court battle, the Indiana man said he had no choice but to call it quits, abandoning the trademarks. As writer explains:

“After the language got increasingly more threatening, including one note that said the league would oppose his filing and seek to have him pay its legal bills, Fox eventually obliged.”

So now as the Harbaugh brothers meet in Super Bowl 47, Fox will most likely be in his Indiana home, watching the game, pondering what could’ve been.