Dog owners who don’t pick up after pets create obstacle course for people in wheelchairs

Posted at 6:44 PM, Jan 21, 2013
and last updated 2013-01-23 12:08:40-05

One Brooklyn dad is on a mission to let neglectful dog owners know that when they don’t pick up after their pets they are terrorizing the disabled.

No one knows how tough it is to navigate the sidewalks of New York like the disabled. It is next to impossible to avoid the cracks and potholes and unspeakable things left behind by dogs and their careless owners.  Alfred Piro from Bay Ridge demonstrates the drama that his daughter goes through everyday.

“The rims that you are pushing the chair from are right next to the wheels so if the wheel get covered with anything,” said Piro

His daughter is in a wheelchair and struggles everyday to dodge the dog poop in her neighborhood. From Brooklyn to Washington Heights countless dog owners do not pick up after their canines, and there appears to be no enforcement.

“It’s a lot different than just stepping in it. You go down the street you have to avoid dog poop, urine, and spit. It’s disgusting,” said Piro.  “People who are disabled have enough to deal with.”

In this case Piro says his daughter is suffering because of the selfishness of a few, and his mission is to get the word out.

Senator Martin Golden’s office is working with Piro to spread awareness on the issue.