Man says cops brutally beat him at his own gay pride party

Posted at 8:10 PM, Jan 17, 2013
and last updated 2013-01-17 20:34:12-05

“They said that they have had some noise complaints and I need to turn the music down,” said Brooklyn resident Jabbar Campbell.

Soon thereafter, Campbell’s house party at his second floor unit in Crown Heights turned into a nightmare.

The reason? According to the 32-year-old, a NYPD sergeant from the 77th Precinct turning Campbell’s surveillance camera away prior to an alleged attack that his attorney Herb Subin calls a coordinated “hate crime.”

Campbell has only lived in the building for six months but this was his 10th party — a gay pride party. After addressing the noise complaint and then seeing the sergeant turn his surveillance camera, Campbell, who coincidentally specializes in cameras and computer forensics, went downstairs, opened the door and found more officers along with the sergeant, who just turned his camera.

“He’s like ‘Get him’ and I didn’t have a chance to say anything or do anything.  There is a small vestibule, so I got bum-rushed, restrained on both of my arms, and all of these cops are screaming and cursing calling me all these names like ‘herb’ said  ‘f’n fag, homo, gay, asshole’ and things like that.

Campbell is suing nine NYPD officers for the alleged attack as well as for illegally entering his home — also captured on one of his eight cameras.

As PIX11 News cameras exited his lawyer’s office after seeing the indefensible camera turn, Internal Affairs was waiting to interview him again.

Meanwhile, the NYPD in the criminal complaint says that Campbell attempted to flee as well fight with officers, to which he says he did no such thing since he was the one being attacked.

“I couldn’t block the blows to my face. I couldn’t block the blows to my neck and back,” Campbell told PIX11 News.

“They had me forced over. One officer, who I believe to be my arresting officer, who had a sport glove on and just went to work on my face. It was like he was at the gym taking out all of his frustration and I was just leaking, leaking blood.”