Surgeon sexted women using phone numbers from medical files: lawsuit

Posted at 8:50 PM, Jan 10, 2013
and last updated 2013-01-10 21:34:23-05

A prominent Staten Island surgeon texts picture of his penis to patient he became “obsessed” with, says woman’s attorney.

42-year-old Wanda Arena is a pregnant, hard working mom of two who was subjected to unwanted, and inappropriate sexual remarks and pictures by her orthopedic surgeon according to a five million dollar lawsuit filed by her attorney, former NYPD captain Robert Brown.

“He needs to know it’s wrong, and he needs to be stopped,” said the buff blonde who also competes in amateur body building contests.


42-year-old Wanda Arena claims she was sent explicit text messages by her surgeon

Arena, who lost her beloved firefighter husband in the attacks of 9-11, says she ignored the inappropriate calls and texts, love poems and invitations to cruise on the surgeon’s boat, hoping he would just get the message.


Wanda Arena’s husband, a former firefighter, died in the 9/11 attacks

But then came the middle of the night x-rated text.  Dr. Mark Sherman, who lead a doctor’s mission to Haiti after the earthquake, chose to snap a shot of his naked crotch and text it to the Arena hoping that would persuade the 9-11 widow to finally go out with him.  He followed it up with a flurry of late night phone calls which Arena didn’t see until the next morning.

That’s when she finally felt pushed to text the surgeon back.  “Your a dirty disgusting animal!” she responded.  “Never call or text me or I will go to the police.”

His reply two hours later during business hours, “Ok.  Sorry.”

“It was outrageous that he sent a picture of his penis,” stated her attorney, who says his client and other woman are now considering filing actions with New York State to have the surgeon disciplined as well.

“Not only does she get this picture, but he follows up with a text asking, ‘where are you?’  She was terrified he was lurking outside her house,” said Brown.

Arena was introduced to Dr. Sherman by her fiancee, who also used him for knee repair surgery.  But she says the doctor started his unprofessional behavior by getting access to her cell phone number through confidential medical documents, then started his campaign of calling.  Arena says the divorced Sherman often sounded as if he had been drinking in his voicemail messages.


Dr. Mark Sherman is accused of sending sexually explicit pics to his patients cell phones

But she never directly confronted the doctor and told him to stop.  “If a person is sending text and voicemails over the course of years that go unanswered, you would think they would get the hint the other party is not interested,” explained Brown.

We sought out Dr. Sherman at his Richmond Road Orthopedic’s office to ask about the midnight naked texting, but an office worker told us he wasn’t in, and didn’t want to comment.

A second patient, Nancy Silverman of New Jersey sought the doctor out to repair her shoulder so she could keep up with the kids in her pediatric occupational therapy practice.  Silverman said  Sherman laced his conversations with constant sexual innuendos.  The most blatant was when she described her limitations in dressing herself and the joint pain it caused.  Silverman said removing her pants had become particularly painful.  “Well that’s a serious problem for having sex with your husband!” Silverman remembered him saying.  “He’s just disgusting.  And conceited.  And ethically inappropriate.  And it needs to stop.  I just wanted other women, other patients, to know they weren’t crazy.  I wanted to support Wanda and stand up for what is right,” summed up Silverman.