Know Your Enemy: Train Safety

Posted at 8:34 PM, Jan 10, 2013
and last updated 2013-03-20 14:48:34-04
Know Your Enemy

Know Your Enemy

Happy New Year to all. We all made a lot of resolutions for 2013 like going to the gym, eat less, give a little more to charity, but how about if we make our own safety resolution and that of your neighbor, family, and friends a priority this year as well. The PIX-11 know your enemy team wants to share safety and crime prevention tips for bringing in the new year.

As you may know there’s been a lot of tragic news this past month of people being pushed from the train platform. The “know Your Enemy” team wants to give you a few safety pointers concerning Train Safety.

Train facts you should know:
1-Trains are twice as wide as the tracks, and they can travel at very high speeds. A train traveling at 60 miles an hour equals to about 50 feet second.

2-Trains are either pushed or pulled by a locomotive. If you don’t see an engine the train could still be coming toward you.

3-There are often two or more sets of tracks at the same train crossing if you see one train stopped you often can’t see another train approaching.

4- Always look out for trains, not all trains routinely sound warning horns.

5- Always remember not all trains stop at every station.

Rules to Keep You Safe On the Passenger Platform:

1- Train stops are brief; board immediately.

2- Always wait behind the line while standing on the platform. Do not cross the line until the train is stopped and the doors are open. Try to stay as far back as you can from the track while standing on the platform.

3- Never run on or toward the station platform.

On Board the Train:

1- Once on board the train, familiarize yourself with the emergency exit and the emergency procedures poster located on both sides of the interior of the train.

2- Always store your belongings under your seat or on your lap not in the aisles.

3- Always collect all of your belongings and move toward the exit as soon as your station stop is announced.

4- Never lean on doors or hold them open.

5- Never put your hands or any objects between closing doors.

At Crossings and Tracks:

1- Always cross tracks at a designated crossing.

2- Remember, always look both ways before crossing train tracks.

3- Always expect the train, on any track, at any time, and from any direction.

5- If your car stalls or stops on the crossing for any reason, get yourself and any passengers out and away quickly.

6- Flashing lights and ringing bells mean stop and wait for the train to pass. Never cross the tracks when the signal indicates that a train is coming, and never walk under or around pedestrian gates.

Please remember to share these tips with family members, especially children walking to and from school, neighbors, friends, and please take a moment to familiarize yourself with all of these safety tips. Safety always matters, and remember to “Know Your Enemy”.