Chris Christie, the other Jersey rock star, returns to Belmar as shore town starts to rebuild boardwalk

Posted at 7:44 PM, Jan 09, 2013
and last updated 2013-01-09 19:45:17-05

He’s visible, he’s blunt, and he may be the next presidential nominee for the Republican Party.

And New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has no problem with the attention, even when compared to Jersey legend Bruce Springsteen.

But Christie is making the most of his growing popularity by attempting to mend a fractured partisan government and championing for federal support in the Garden State as it tries to pick up the pieces after Hurricane Sandy.

Christie says, “All these other places like Louisana, Alabama, Mississippi … New Jersey deserves no less and we will accept no less.”

Chris Christie

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie appears at the boardwalk in Belmar on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, Christie was back in Belmar celebrating with Democratic Mayor Matt Doherty as the town begins to rebuild its boardwalk that was destroyed during the storm.

Meanwhile people living in the battered beach town hold their breath for another week.

They’re waiting for the House of Representatives to vote on the remaining $51 billion Sandy relief bill.

“Here’s a Republican and a democrat working together for the good of the people.  And i think that the federal government’s forgotten about the people,” said Rose-Marie Papa of Belmar.

While this piling marks the beginning of the recovery process here in Belmar, Christie says many New Jersey towns haven’t even started this process yet because they’re still waiting on aid from the federal government.

Already it’s been seven times longer than the Gulf waited after Hurricane Katrina and Christie says he’s tired of people blaming the bill.

“There’s a group of people that want to continue to say the bill is filled with pork projects that don’t have anything to do with the shore or the related areas of New York or Connecticut, that’s simply not true,” Christie said.

And people living in New Jersey say it’s straight-talk and swift action like this that has helped grown their confidence in Christie.

And their confidence that the entire jersey shore can make a full recovery for the summer tourist season.