Cries of grief heard from chapel after body of one of 2 lost teens is pulled from New Jersey lake

Posted at 2:54 PM, Jan 08, 2013
and last updated 2013-01-08 16:29:22-05

People grieve at the lakeside vigil for the teens who fell into Budd Lake in Morris County, N.J.

The close-knit New Jersey community of Budd Lake is in mourning Tuesday after police recovered the body of teenager Nick Cianciotto from the lake where he and his friend fell through the ice Monday evening.

The family of Clyde Schiamanski III was keeping their lakeside vigil in the hopes divers would soon find his body.

Lake recovery

Authorities on Tuesday look for the two teens who fell into Budd Lake.

The body was  pulled from the lake at 1:45 p.m, police confirmed, but authorities did not release the identity. The body was removed by divers to an air boat and driven ashore.

Moments later, family members gathered inside Budd Lake Chapel to receive the news. Cries could be heard from several family members, while others hastily made phone calls to inform those not holding vigil by the shore.

One longtime resident saw two boys on bikes Monday in the spot where police are now concentrating their search.  She described how many enjoyed the day on the partially frozen lake Monday, whether on an all-terrain vehicle, playing hockey or just walking across the ice.

New Jersey lake

“Imagine screaming and knowing you’re going to die,” Clyde Schimanski Jr. said about his son.

A former Mt. Olive High School graduate said classmates are shocked over the loss of two of their own.  The young woman said she had planned to enjoy the frozen lake as well Monday, but chose to stay on land at her mother’s urging that it was not yet safe to venture onto the too-thin ice.

Budd Lake does not have any signs warning to stay off the ice, nor any official town agency to determine if it is even safe to be on the lake.  As one resident described it, it’s a “use at your risk” proposition.