Suspect shot by NYPD officer in East New York

Posted at 8:56 PM, Jan 04, 2013
and last updated 2013-01-04 23:01:09-05

NYPD officers shot an armed man near the Cyprus Hills Housing Development in East New York Brooklyn, according to authorities.

NYPD bullet shell casing markers and a swarm of officers, detectives and crime scene specialists stood in the middle of Sutter Avenue late investigating the shooting of a young man at around 6:54 Friday night.

After news spread of a young man shot by police in the buttock, so did distrust of the official story.


Police say this is the weapon the suspect was carrying when officers shot him (Photo: DCPI)

Gas station attendant Sammy Aziz told Pix11 that detectives were in his gas station deli not long after the shooting. “They was talking and they said they found two guns. They came here looking for tape. They want to see to the parking lot outside. We don’t show anything.  I don’t have nothing in my camera.”

Raheem Bradford told PIX11 he is the young man’s brother and refuted the police department’s account.  When asked if he could say with absolute certainty that his brother was not doing anything wrong, he responded,  “I can say with certainty he wasn’t doing anything wrong. He’s a young kid. A n 18-year old kid with dreams. I doubt it that he’s out here doing the stuff they are saying he did. They are going to say that about anybody. If it was your kids, they’re going to say that about your kids.”

Tonight’s shooting marks the fourth time a police officer has shot a perpetrator in this brand new year.

Just last night, two cops were shot and injured before they killed the suspect on a subway train in Borough Park, Brooklyn.

A day before, on Wednesday, Police fatally shot a man in Fort Greene during a domestic dispute.

The year got its violent start in the Bronx, where cops shot a motorist who struck an officer during a traffic stop on Tremont Avenue.

Back here in East New York the violence is taking its toll on Paulette a longtime resident who says she knows the latest shooting victim:

“It takes a nation to raise our children. My heart hurts. Right now I can’t even talk. That kid was a good kid. He’s only 18-years old. Jesus Christ. I don’t believe that he was walking down the street with a gun. I heard that. And I don’t believe it. I do not believe that.”