Sandy victims miffed: Politicians make nice as Boehner gets re-elected

Posted at 9:43 PM, Jan 03, 2013
and last updated 2013-01-03 21:55:35-05

On Wednesday Peter King called out Speaker of the House John Boehner, the most powerful Republican.

Additionally he called out others from within his party for not voting as well as providing much needed relief for those impacted by Sandy.

Less than 24 hours later, King and other politicians had backpedaled,  indicating that the Speaker simply failed to read the situation correctly.

By mid afternoon, Boehner was reelected Speaker.
Welcome to life on Capitol Hill.

Congressman Michael Grimm voted for another Boehner term which had some in Midland Beach asking — why?

Particularly after, Speaker Boehner, refused to hear the vote on Sandy relief Tuesday night, “I guess Michael Grimm is out of the picture for a lot of people,” said Marge Gatti.

Gatti, along with Katherine Hudgeon, have been trying to deal with Congressman Gimm’s office over the last two days, “They were on holiday as of yesterday morning when I called,” said Hudgeon who got a machine.

When asked how her holidays were, the nurse broke into tears saying, “My holidays?  Not what my holidays should have been like.”

Marge actually was able to get someone at Grimm’s office this morning, “To get help, to get my flood insurance.”

Water smothered her home, now  paperwork engulfs her life.  She shared her documents with PIX 11 News, saying, “This is all I have.  This is the hope. This is it.”

Shortly after Congress voted for Boehner’s re-election inside of a heated U.S. Capitol, Hudgeon and Gatti, two hardworking, taxpaying mothers, took a quick break in 28 degree weather inside the shell that is Katherine’s home.  Together they watched Congressman King explain on PIX  Morning News what is going on in Washington D.C. — a day after the fiery Long Island congressman told Speaker Boehner and other GOP congressman that they had stabbed New York in the back.

After hearing Congressman King explain Friday’s partial vote and the delay in funding, the two expressed what thousands are feeling, “I don’t understand any more now than I did five minutes ago, because it’s still not giving me a rationale to why my money is not being dispersed to us,” said Hudgeon.

When explaining to them that there’s going to be a vote in a couple of weeks, Marge chimed in,  “A couple of weeks doesn’t do us much good when we have no house.”

While Congressman King is not their representative, they told PIX11 News they had not heard from their own, Staten Island’s Congressman Michael Grimm.

Hudgeon said the last time she saw him was on the campaign trail was when Congressman Grimm asked her if she knew who he was.

Now she wants to ask Rep. Grimm if he remembers her, and continues to call his office with no reply.